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The Beewits blog is run by Switch – Digital & Brand, an award-winning agency that has decades of experience in creating winning content for web and social media and in delivering excellent value for money lead-gen opportunities for clients across the world. Can we help you succeed next?

You can extend your ability with our full-service agency or outsourced marketing team model.

You came to Beewits to learn more about building sites and project management, but there could be one key element missing in your projects – a partner you can rely on as an outsourced marketing department.

We will drive traffic and engagement to your business.

Or you might have it all figured out but you need a team to work with you to execute your vision.

SEO & Content Creation

This site is testament to the fact that we can create great content that drives traffic in the thousands every month. If you need a site that can generate content and leads consistently, we’re your guys.

Lead gen for B2B

Having traffic is nothing if you can’t convert it to leads. One of the hardest parts of running a B2B business is getting qualified leads into your pipeline. We’ll work with you to keep it flowing.

Web Development

You can’t only rely on social media for your digital presence. Websites are more important than ever, and we can create beautiful experiences for your audiences that will build trust and impress.

Brand Consultancy

A strong brand will set you apart from your competition at each and every available touchpoint. With brand experts from one of the top business schools in Europe, you can rest assured that we’ll set you on the right track.

eCommerce & Shopify

We love building and running succesful eCommerce sites for our clients, primarily on Shopify, but we have launched sites on Magento and WooCommerce, too. Will yours be the next one we take to the moon?


If you’re not sure what you’re after you can speak to us to get bundles that will give you access to all our services at once, making it possible to pick and choose talent from within our team as and when you need it with ultimate elasticity.

"In the years we've been working with Switch we have grown our revenue in double-digit figures each and every year."

Patrick Tabone, CEO Sigma Paints

You are.

A marketing executive in a busy firm, or a small business owner looking to grow your revenue without having to deal with all the confusion of trying to source multiple suppliers to handle different areas of your marketing needs.

We are.

A one-stop shop for digital marketing. You get an outsourced CMO with decades of experience, a team of analytical minds to drive your revenue up and your costs down, creative minds to make you stand out. We’re all native English speakers and we get you culturally (as long as you’re speaking to international, US or UK audiences).

Growing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

And neither should your relationship with your agency. We work on the basis of a partnership that will help you grow in a sustainable fashion, putting a portion of our fees based on your success. We only make money if you get the results you expect.

"Working with the guys at Switch was a real pleasure. They understand our business and make it a point to drive us harder, each and every day."

Gilbert Zammit, Online Marketing Director, Corinthia Hotels International

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