BeeWits bags 2 project management software awards from FinancesOnline

We’ve recently endeavored on getting BeeWits exposed to trusted experts in the project management niche.

BeeWits just went through a round of review from the trusted B2B directory and netted an 8.0 score as well as a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%. Our platform, which was created specifically for web designers, small design agencies and digital marketers, was found by FinancesOnline to be equipped with useful tools responsive to the needs of our intended users.

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Earn up to $200 per sale with BeeWits affiliate program

Hey there, want to earn some easy money? With the BeeWits affiliate program, you can earn $200 per sale!

That makes BeeWits one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the market.

If you’ve got a website which caters for web designers, creative agencies, digital marketers, SEO agencies or other small teams in the digital space who could use BeeWits, join our affiliate program.

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10 Pieces of Advice from TED for Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management

In today’s highly productivity-driven world, where successful project management  is key, inspirational talks are all the rage in sparking motivation. TED talks in particular are widely shared throughout the web, and even offline, in classrooms and among friends. The platform allows professionals to speak on a variety of themes and topics that are in their scope.

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Free T-shirts!

At BeeWits, we like to do things differently.

We know that getting a subscription to a service is expressing a vote of confidence to we want to return our commitment to you.

Each user who becomes a subscriber to BeeWits will get one of these AWESOME BeeWits t-shirt. Give us your preference and your size and we’ll send it to you by email.

We would love to wear your on a t-shirt and wear it proudly to reciprocate, but alas there are only so many days in a week 😉

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Shit Clients Say – A collection of the 14 most unforgettable quotes

Shit Clients Say - I Don't Like the color red

Have you seen our shit clients say board?

At the office, we don’t use whiteboards much. We’ve got plenty of glass surfaces. When we need to brainstorm, we just take a marker and scribble on the glass. Then we snap a picture to remember what we said during the meeting.

We do use one board though. It’s the #shitclientssay board. A hall of fame of sorts. Something we have a look at each time we want to start banging our heads against the wall.

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Organize your resources

“Where the heck is the latest version of the website design?!” said everybody whose ever worked with multiple iterations of files.

One of the major headaches of organizing a web design project is keeping files and resources organized. Most of us struggle with that. You’ll find files stored in people’s inboxes, file servers, cloud storage, in the trash bin or the shredder…

Really and truly, one should make sure that there is a single point of reference for files when there are multiple team members involved. That way, everybody knows where to look for the latest files.

Of course, we recommend you use BeeWits for that 😉

Let’s see a number of ways in which you can organize your resources with BeeWits.

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