Hey there, want to earn some easy money? With the BeeWits affiliate program, you can earn $200 per sale!

That makes BeeWits one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the market.

If you’ve got a website which caters for web designers, creative agencies, digital marketers, SEO agencies or other small teams in the digital space who could use BeeWits, join our affiliate program.

Why should you join the BeeWits affiliate program?

High affiliate payout

At BeeWits, your success is our success.

In the BeeWits philosophy, we’re not here to make easy money, we want you to succeed.

That’s why we pay one of the highest referral fees out there – up to $200 per sale.

Every time you make a sale, somebody runs up to our sale bell and rings it – because every single customer is special and we want to let everyone in the office know about it!t

BeeWits affiliates

These are the different payouts for each plan, we pay you double what we make (remember, we’ve got much expenses too, but we’ll take that risk ;-))

Seedling plan, $19 – you get $40

Freelancer plan, $29 – you get $60

Agency plan, $39 – you get $100

Marketing agency, $49 – you get $200

Of course, you get these per sale. If you converted one sale per day (a very achievable target), you can earn between $1200 and $6000 per month.

Our referral cookies never expire

We use ever-lasting cookies and referral data. Once you’ve referred a lead to us, we’re going to keep trying to convert that lead until one of two things, sale or fail. By creating awesome content for our target audience, we make we keep our leads hooked to our site. Once we convert, you get the referral commission!

Once we convert, whether it’s one month or six months down the line, you get the referral commission!

Long term referral cookies

BeeWits is an easy sale

As a niche product, targeted at managing projects and work for creatives, web designers and small teams, the response BeeWits gets from our customers is amazing. Once somebody tries BeeWits, they won’t want to look at any other tool on the market.


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