This product roadmap highlights the features & improvements planned for BeeWits. Priorities can change as we face new challenges.

At BeeWits we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvements based on our vision of BeeWits and the feedback we receive from our users and customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback, or comment below – we love hearing the problems and challenges our users’ encounter, and we’ll endeavor to help overcome them.

Projects Currently in Progress

Custom task templates

the ability to create your own task templates rather than rely on the ones provided by default. The new functionality will provide our users with the ability to define task templates as per their own processes or customize the existing templates to suit their specific needs.

Define your own custom task templates

Define your own custom task templates

Web Design Proposal Tool

We are currently also building a (FREE) tool which will allow you to create great looking proposals for your clients. By combining our web design proposal templates, with our quotation generator, you’ll have one tool which does it all.

Did we say this will be FREE?

Web design Proposal tool - screenshot

Web design Proposal tool – screenshot

Coming Next

Time-reporting + invoicing – one of the highest requested features so far has been the ability to report on time spent on a project, with eventual outputting of time spent as an invoice to the client.

Integration with Zapier – to provide the ability to integrate with 3rd party services, BeeWits will integrate with Zapier such that it will be possible to create automated tasks between your currently purchased services besides BeeWits.

Completed projects and enhancements

Client access – provides the ability to give access to your clients to specific tasks within a project. By inviting a client to be in the “Client team”, they can be added as an observer/collaborator. The client only has access to tasks which are marked as “Public” by opening the padlock icon.

Provide client access

Provide client access

Duplicate a project – while we intend to develop the ability to customize task templates, we wanted to provide an interim mechanism which allows our users to use their own processes with BeeWits. The ability to “Duplicate a project” gives our users the ability to create their own, “Project templates”, which can then be duplicated or cloned when a new project comes in.

Feedback on the Product Roadmap

We’re listening. We want to know what you need! As more people request the same features, we will be able to increase their priority to make sure we serve as many of our clients as possible. See a feature which you’d like asap? Pitch in and let us know you’d love to see that too.