WP Robot Review – the Quick and Easy way to autoblogging

In the world of making money online, there is one topic which causes quite a bit of controversy and is exactly that WP Robot caters for – autoblogging.

Some people use this as a great way to monetize their website and generate traffic, while some people feel very strongly against it, because they feel that their own articles are being ripped off. And for sure, there are abusive ways of performing auto blogging, or reposting of content from other’s people articles.

But, as always, the truth lies somewhere in between.

In this review, we’re going to look at the latest version of WP Robot (Version 5) – the very popular autoblogging plugin – and we’ll see why this is the best version yet.

This plugin is mostly used by affiliate sites, or those settings up blogs capitilizing on old expired, backordered or non-dropped domains (typically for PBNs), which can get strength based on the links pointing to the domain.

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