Creating your own task templates for creating a new project is a piece of functionality which will be released in the next few days / weeks.

But in the mean time, how do you actually create your own templates today?

Because try as we might to be comprehensive in our proposals, checklists, contracts and questionnaires,  you’re going to always have your own specific process which you’ll want to follow.

But there’s a simple solution.

You can already Clone a project. How does this work?

Duplicate / clone a project

Duplicate / clone a project

By creating your own “base project” with all of the tasks you typically implement, you will be able to use this project as your baseline so to speak – let’s call it our “Template Project”.

In this template project, you can create your own stages, all of your own tasks and whatever else you typically implement as part of the projects you typically undertake for your clients.

We’d suggest that you first Manage Stages, and define your own stages and icons for those stages.

Manage stages

Manage stages of a project

Then create all of the tasks you want in your “Template Project”. Go to each stage within the project, and define all of the tasks which define your process.

This requires a bit of planning and though, possibly some brain-storming with your team, to make sure you’ve identified all of the required steps in your process. You would need to consider the various services you offer and possibly define multiple project templates as necessary.

List all of these down so you can then create tasks for each of these in your “Template Project”.

Once you’re happy that you know all of the tasks which are going into your template project, start populating the Template Project with your own lists of tasks.

Define your own tasks in the Template Project

Define your own tasks in the Template Project

Once you’ve created all of the tasks, your project is now ready to get in on the action!

As soon as you need to create a new project, you just need to clone the “Template Project” and boom – your own custom project, defined by your own templates.

Visit the Template Project’s, Project Options.

Project options

Project options

Here you’ll find the possibility to Duplicate a project.



Duplicate the Template project

Duplicate the Template project

As soon as you click on the Duplicate, you’ll have a brand spanking new project – ready to roll!

You can create as many Project Templates as necessary for your own process.

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