If you’ve been thinking about working with the most popular WordPress theme and WordPress page builder from Elegant Themes, it’s now time to see as many Divi theme examples as you can get your hands on. In this way, you can be sure that you’ll be able to achieve the result you desire.

Different themes adapt themselves differently to different scenarios, so you might want to see whether the choice of product you’ve made makes sense for the niche you’re planning to develop websites for.

So what we’ll the doing is browse through a number of uses of this WordPress theme by niche or industry. In this way, you’ll be able to see what kind of end-results you can achieve!

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Best Divi Website Examples

We’ve put our preferred Divi theme examples under this heading. These are sites in various industries that have really pushed the limits and came up with absolutely awesome results.

We’ve sectioned this article into specific niches, so if you want to jump to specific examples, use the table of contents to find the section which suits you best.

1. Fern Colab

Although we will provide a small screenshot, this will never be able to do this site any justice. You must visit this one just to see how we can mold this WordPress theme to spectacular results.

As a creative design agency, they understand design and have used minimalism and space to push the results and have created the perfect Divi example.

The beauty is that you can create child themes based on the Divi layouts available for the creative industry such as the below.

You can use the Agency Portfolio page as your basis for setting up a similar result.

Get Agency Portfolio Layout


Visit Fern Colab

2. Timeline Missions

Wow – just wow, this is what we’re talking about when we speak of stunning imagery. You WILL want to work with these guys as soon as you land on their website. As the trade is videography, they are a perfect showcase of the flexibility of this WordPress theme and what can be achieved with it when you put your mind to it.

You can use this travel layout to kickstart your project. Using Divi with this layout for a travel site will be a very good call.

Use Travel Agency Layout

Must visit website

Timeline Missions

3. Chasing Mumford

As a Mumford and Sons longtime fan, I have a soft spot for this one, but if you look at it, you’ll see that this is a design done right.

Using a dark color-scheme that works very nicely with the niche, the site uses a number of web design features to showcase this tribute band.

Keeping the design simplistic but designed achieves the desired effect of keeping the focus on the actual band, using such stuff as galleries, an embedded video, and the latest news blog, together with a number of testimonials.

This is a good place to start to set such a project up.

Discover Meetup Divi Layout

Chasing Mumford


Chasing Mumford

4. The Generation

When it comes to minimalistic design, there’s nobody who can compare to the Swedes. They create a perfect balance between form and function which is instantly recognizable.

So it’s no wonder that one of our best Divi theme examples comes from a Swedish design agency.

There’s not much that can be said to describe the perfect design that has been achieved by The Generation. So yeah, without further ado, go and have a look yourself. Using Divi to achieve such a result is definitely possible.

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Check out The Generation


5. KeyShot

This website is another WordPress theme using visuals to an excellent effect.

The product is actually a 3D rendering and animation software so you can expect that they will be using amazing visuals to showcase the capabilities of their product.

Besides good CTAs, and testimonials to build trust, with the header slider used to show some of their most amazing results, we found the gallery to create an amazing visual.

The software marketing layout is a good option for this kind of design.

See Software Marketing pages

Go to Keyshot


6. Bookin Agency

This is the website of a Czech marketing agency – Bookin – and quite an alternative agency at that, as you can see from the end result.

But it’s an excellent usage of Elegant Themes most popular Divi theme, using a dark colour scheme, blending all sorts of visual media such as video and imagery to excellent effect.

Video backgrounds are used to introduce in the specific page, and then great imagery complements the text and the flow of the site.

We particularly like the Team section, and even if it’s in Czech, you can clearly understand that it’s a showcase of the team members. In all likelihood, this is a custom product creating with the use of child themes.

You can try setting this up using the agency portfolio page.

Visit Agency Portfolio Layout

Visit the agency site


Business/Corporate Divi Theme Examples

We’ll continue our list by starting with the most popular niche of all, the business niche. In the corporate world, you wouldn’t have much flexibility to experiment and be fancy. Your brief is probably all about brand, look and feel, professionalism and giving the site a professional look.

There are of course other products you might consider, e.g., StudioPress’s Genesis is also a very popular product as you can see from this Divi vs Genesis comparison from CollectiveRay.

Let’s see a few samples of such sites that have made the most of this brief to still achieve an excellent result.

1. Nomad Capitalist

Here, we see it used as a corporate/business site, build upon one of the business Divi layouts.  We can see how professionalism has been taken to the level where it projects an excellent image of the brand. Using such stuff as testimonials, the website pushes trust to the user and makes them feel comfortable working with Andrew Henderson, the person behind this.

We also like the lead-generation mechanism’s which are not in your face, but effective.

Use the Copywriter layout

Nomad Capitalist

2. Southern Bankcorp

This is the website of a small urban bank – not a big corporate bank, whose sites need to appear as friendly as possible to its potential customers whilst still being professional.

The bank achieves this nicely with professional typography and look and feel while using plenty of images and testimonials of customers.

The menu is also a good user experience, with a shortcut to the most used functions of the website.

See Elementary / Community Page layouts

Visit Bank Southern

Southern bankcorp

3. Cardinal Pro Painters

While many of these sites are very visual and have a lot going on in terms of the brand, this is not necessarily where you get most of your work from, not everything has to be all visual.

Sometimes it’s all about lead generation and getting the job done, showing the client what they are looking for, and then reeling them in.

You can see how this is achieved to amazing effect on the landing pages. With great Calls to Action and fitting in the right images of work getting done, this is a great lead-gen site for an industry that might not be too visual in reality.

Check out Plumber Layout

Visit Cardinal Pro Painters

Cardinal Pro Painters

4. Conversion Lab

Another good example of a business site, albeit this is a soft-business, rather than something corporate. In fact, the site is a blend of something which we would expect from a web design site and a personal brand, focused on building trust-based on testimonials, Calls to Action, and other conversion techniques.

Not fancy, gets the job done.

Set up a business coach site

Check out Conversion Lab

Conversion Lab

5. MBS Accountancy

The great thing about this example is that there is a great blend of professionalism, without getting too serious. The pages are using modern design trends, but can still instill a sense of professionalism and trust through their presence and testimonials

There is also plenty of conversion optimization, with CTAs standing out enticing a visitor to get in touch.

Visit Accountancy Layout

See the end result

MBS Accountancy

6. Fintech Partner

Another niche which definitely needs to exude professionalism, the fin-tech industry is a lucrative industry which however demands trust, due to severe competition.

The Fintech Partner website introduces the visitor to the benefits one will get if they work with this company through a scrolling text header and then goes on to provide more details about the company.

Using video backgrounds and a simplified contact form are two touches that we like about this.

Use the Cryptocurrency layout

See Fintech Partner

Fintech partner

eCommerce Divi Examples

One of the primary reasons people build websites for is to sell their products and wares online, and Elegant Themes feature set offers plenty to cover all aspects of selling online.

In this section, we’re going to share a number of Elegant themes examples used primarily for eCommerce, whether physical or digital products.

If you are still developing your website and not sure whether WooCommerce is the right fit for you. it would be best to do a bit of research about WordPress eCommerce plugins. Keep in mind that choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business is the key to your success.

1. Dokkoon Shop

We’re starting first with a shop for handmade teak products from Thailand. Given the beauty of these products, it’s no wonder that this site focuses primarily on visuals of the products being sold.

After the main display on the homepage, you’ll find dedicated sections for some of their latest products.

The store (Products) on this page is a great example of how eCommerce works when built using Divi.

See Boutique shop layout

Visit the shop

Dokkoon shop

2. Mini-You

Here’s another quirky eCommerce shop as the next item on our list of Divi theme examples. Mini-You creates realistic mini figurines from a body scan or three photos.

Given the concept of the store/product, you can understand that this website pictures the brand and products through a number of fun shots.

The actual figurines need to be ordered, so the user is lead to a number of actions leading to an order.

See a Jeweler eCommerce shop

Visit Mini You

Mini You

3. Academy of Mine

We’re using this Divi theme example because we know there are plenty of people out there looking to develop and start selling their own courses, starting their own academy of you may.

This is actually a monthly fee service, rather than a traditional eCommerce shop, but it’s still a valid example of eCommerce.

The actual website combines bright and colorful schemes with flat design to great effect. The homepage uses an introductory video to explain the concept and sell us the benefits of using its services.

If you want to see a great example of the Divi pricing table module, head over to the site’s pricing page.

All in all, this site is using many features and functions available in the WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.

Get LMS Layout

Go to Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine

4. Sweet Cecily’s

This is another shop that pushes all the rights visuals to make the sale a no-brainer.

As a combination of the WordPress theme and WooCommerce, the shop uses the strongest of the theme’s features with the online shop for the physical products, to excellent effect, as a shop of natural skincare products.

Their custom background image sets the brand’s tone, combined with a black-white-gold scheme for the rest of the site.

It’s all finished off with a masonry blog that shares gift ideas using the products available.

See the Teashop Elegant Themes Divi Layout

See Sweet Cecily’s shop in action

Sweet Cecily's

5. The Design Space

Another creative agency that will obviously excel in design and the end result is another of those beautiful sites we’ve seen using the WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.

Minimalistic in nature but still blending until many of the products feature, functions and modules, including the eCommerce capabilities, this is a beautiful online presence.

See the visually stunning Cosmetics pages

The Design Space

The Design Space

6. Artfully Designed Creations

This is another artsy site blending personalized gifts and creations with good – in this case cookies.

With a probable primary demographic of females who enjoy home cooking, the site opts for a girly design, incorporating a candy shop look and feel.

It starts the header with a slider featuring the latest and greatest products.

Scrolling further, we find the online shop, featuring the products for sale, together with a number of customer testimonials to build trust.

A nice and fun end-result.

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Get yourself a personal cookie-cutter.

Artfully designed creations

Divi Portfolio Examples

One of the strongest ways to use this WordPress theme from Elegant themes is using it for the portfolio of works that have been undertaken by a company or person.

You’ll find that the theme already caters to creating a portfolio, including through the Divi portfolio module, so you can easily pick the portfolio layout or child-theme and populate it accordingly.

Let’s see a few Divi site portfolio used to create a stunning result.

1. Matt Parry Photography

As you can see below the combination of the gallery with the great selection of photos creates an awesome end-result that showcases the capabilities of the photographer and creates an excellent portfolio example. The site takes a minimal approach and lets the images do the selling.

Get Photo Divi Layout

Check out the live site here.

Matt Parry Photography - Divi Portfolio example


2. Bamboo Studio

This is an Italian design agency, which keeps stuff mostly minimal and just lets the work do the talking.

It’s clean, it gets the job done and it focuses on showing their past work via their portfolio. And yeah, the Bamboo reference is quite obvious too 🙂

Visit the Web Agency Demo

Go to the Bamboo Studio site

Bamboo Studio

3. Lens Distortion

Another website that makes excellent use of awesome imagery to achieve a perfect result. You can see on this site how visuals have been combined with short text descriptions to focus the attention on the end result, but also giving the user sufficient user to understand what’s going on.

The site is also able to use the theme to blend in multiple features and functions,  gallery, eCommerce, portfolio, sliders … all blended in nicely into a great visual result – which is also what the site is selling, great visual effects.

Check out the photography marketplace

Lens Distortion site

Lens Distortion

4. Blue Stella Photography

We’re always happy to visit photographers’ websites because they’re always great examples of what can be done when combining strong visuals.

Whitney Cline captures photos of people in their most natural state, and the results are amazing.

So it’s no wonder she chose to focus mostly on the imagery and portraits she’s taken, blending in a bit of text about her process and how to get in touch, to stunning effect.

Using parallax images, she blends from a multiple image gallery using a slide, to retro (typewriter) text, to a strong portrait photograph to keep the visitor hooked.

A perfect Divi theme example.

Use the Categories to achieve the same effect

BlueStella Photography

5. Engage Live

This is another listing related to photography but rather than the website of a photographer, this is the product of a trainer, somebody who trains photographers to achieve stunning results.

While the use of excellent imagery is made here, there is more of a showcase being done with the videos of the results that can be achieved via the courses.

This is probably because you won’t impress photographers with imagery only, you’ll need to show what you are able to bring to the table and the videos are able to do this perfectly.

In the process, the site also adds the courses as eCommerce items.

Get Consultant Layout from Elegant Themes

Visit Engage Live


6. Dan Carr Photography

Another photographer, another perfect Divi portfolio. You can’t get your eyes off the amazing portfolio put together by this incredible wildlife and scenic examples put together by Dan Carr.

Using a slider to showcase some of his most incredible photos, he then leads you on to catch a glimpse of more of his work, both on the site and on his social media.

Use the Divi photo layout

Have a look at Dan Carr photography

Dan Carr photography

7. Philippa James Photography

We’ve got one more photography example, this is a bit of a different one, but the result is no less great. There’s plenty of text blended in with great images to create a good mixture of results and pitching, which achieves a very nice result.

We believe there is a fine line to thread between imagery and text, this is most especially important when you haven’t developed a good personal brand yet and need to “sell” yourself a bit more to those who land on your site.

Get Wedding Planner Pages

Visit Philippa James

Philippa James

8. Casey Labatt Simon

When it comes to Divi portfolios, it’s more than just photographers who can use visuals to make their creations stand out. Designers, another creative sector that is very much in love with products from Elegant Themes, can make very good use of their portfolio to sell their services.

Casey creates an excellent showcase of his own creations, using pop-up images to show his creations.

Check out the Designer look

Go to Casey Labatt Simon

Casey Labatt Simon

9. Studio Amara

This is a wood-crafting studio, making products made from solid wood, great designs, precise engineering and delicate carpentry resulting in a very highly-finished product.

So much so, that there is absolutely minimal text – the site focuses completely on showing the end-products of the design process.

This is an excellent achievement in that even using hardly any text, creates a great result.

See the Studio Amara showcase


10. Heidi Rose

Heidi Rose is a designer/web designer who works specifically with women in business. It’s no wonder that her own portfolio is a thing of beauty.

It’s an absolute minimalistic design, but we love the end result. Using parallax images and excellent use of space and visuals, and a non-intrusive side-menu, it allows the user to concentrate on the short pitches, convincing you that you need to work with her asap.

Get the LifeCoach Layout

See what Heidi Rose has managed to achieve

Heidi Rose

Divi Blog Examples

You’ll probably find that plenty of sites out there are blogs, focused on a lifestyle, fashion, maybe beauty, or other lifestyles. Here we’ll share a number of great examples of Divi used in these niches.

1. Blog Genesis

Our first example is a blog about blogs, so what better showcase than this one?

This is a clear example of how Divi can be used as a blogging theme, with the homepage also being used as a landing page.

In particular, we like how the blog categories have been styled, where a featured image is used to pitch the content, with the title and a short intro to that specific post.

See Travel Blogger Demo

Check out Blogging Genesis


2. Trishia Grace Atelier

This is another beautiful Divi theme example that makes extensive use of imagery to make its case. The website is for an atelier shop on Sunset Strip, is the site needs to exude luxury and glamour.

This has been achieved very well through the use of excellent photography of both the items in the shop and models wearing clothing from the shop, all enabled through the use of this WordPress theme from Elegant themes.

In terms of the design, parallax images are used to blend in the owner of the shop with great imagery of the clothing available.

An Instagram module then creates a seamless and fresh experience with the brand’s social media.

Get Fashion Blog Layout

Visit the shop online


3. Ofia Seghaou

This is another niche site, this time a hairdresser/salon.

Once again, another on our list which is a perfect example of using Elegant Theme’s star product to push/pitch the services of the company through a strong focus on visuals.

The result is a minimalistic site, with very little text, but strong on imagery and Calls to Action, achieving a result that works well for both new clients and existing ones.

Get Makeup / Beauty templates

Go to the site

Ofia Seghaou

4. Veronica Ariel

This blog is intended as an inspiration for the fashion-conscious, so one can expect it to be totally focused on the visual.


Restaurant, Cafe or other Eatery

One of the most prolific jobs of web designers is for restaurants, so it’s no wonder that our list of Divi theme examples will cater to this particular niche.

Here are a few good examples of eateries, restaurants, cafes, bistros or anything around the food industry which have created a great end-result with the theme.

1. CoffeeTimes

This is a great example of a literally mouth-watering example of how one can use media to really put a visitor in the mood for a visit.

As a coffee-lover, you will get all worked-up, seeing images of swirling coffee beans, dripping coffee pots, and steaming coffee cups being made, all through a video background in the header.

Scrolling down past the text describing the actual coffee house, you’ll be presented with a store, showcasing some of the items which are available for sale and then a menu of what is available in the cafe.

Simplistic in nature, but an awesome Divi theme example nonetheless.

Get Coffee Shop Layout

Get a taste of Coffee


2. LongTable Beer Cafe

Another excellent usage of Elegant Themes layouts. This one quickly puts you in the mood using the great imagery of both the selection of beers and food available thanks to the image sliders.

Highlighting such stuff as the menu and using the lead-generation module to help boost newsletter subscriptions, the homepage ends with testimonials through the display of the cafe’s social media accounts and what people have actually said about their experience at the cafe.

Get Food Catering Layout

Have a pint

Longtable Beer Cafe

3. Sushi La Maison

Another mouth-watering result of a website. This Divi restaurant example of a French sushi restaurant uses the modules available with the theme as an example of what can be served at this location.

Using a bold image slider, an invite to social media through icons and of course galleries of the different items which can be served.

A final but important feature is the table booking, or online reservations functionality available as a prominent part of the site.

Visit the Restuarant pages

Savour some sushi

Sushi La Maison

4. The White Lion Inn

This is the showcase not just of a pub/diner, but also an inn, so the site blends all of these together into a welcoming result.

Using an image slider as the intro, we are able to see great examples of all of the best features of the White Lion Inn, a gallery then follows with images and appropriate Calls to Action and then a grid with images from social media.

An overall great result.

Get a BnB Layout

The White Lion Inn

White Lion Inn

5. Mugs Cafe

We really like this Divi example, because it’s fun, it’s different, it’s quite out of the box, yet, it’s attractive – probably very much in style with the actual location it is representing.

It actually uses a very recent version of the product V3.19.9 (at the time of writing this), so it’s really pushing the envelope, but of course, that’s how we like it.

What do you think?

Get the Cafe Layout

mugs cafe

Divi Layouts

Of course, even if we didn’t hit the nail on the head, you still might want to check out the rest of the Divi layouts which are available for setting up your or your client’s site.

There are plenty of other niches and Divi theme examples which we didn’t cover and of course, you can always mix and match layouts, taking some features of one, add it to the look and feel and functions of another one and get them all working together beautifully.

Check out all 600+ Divi layouts

Latest Divi Features

The reason why the Divi theme from Elegant Themes has remained popular for all these years is because of the heavy investment in the theme, the product keeps getting upgrades and new releases, always adding new features that are deemed necessary, improving the existing ones, improving the performance of the theme overall and many more updates.

Let’s discuss here some of the recent updates by Elegant Themes besides our list of Divi theme examples:

  • Nested Layers interface – this is a usability feature that brings the concept of design layers to the Divi theme by allowing you to access any element in a page by visiting a layers panel and finding the name of the layer you want to access or edit
  • Animation builder – with complex animations becoming an integral part of web design today, the team at Elegant Themes wanted to make sure that such animations could be easily built into the Divi theme. This feature makes available such stuff as scroll effects, vertical or horizontal motion, blur, fade, and scale to bring your images to life.
  • Improved compatibility with Gutenberg – with Gutenberg gaining more and more ground as time goes by, all theme vendors need to make sure that their themes work seamlessly with Gutenberg. The Divi layout block allows the power of Divi to be used from within Gutenberg itself.
  • Divi Theme Builder – as of version 4.0, Divi is not just a theme, but a full theme builder. This was something that was missing from the Divi theme when compared to other products. This feature allows web designers, to build new themes based on the Divi, essentially giving the ability to customize completely every aspect of the theme.
  • WooCommerce modules – because eCommerce is an essential aspect of most websites today, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Divi theme has 16 modules specifically aimed at WooCommerce (the WordPress eCommerce plugin). This gives full control of the layouts of products and pages related to shopping online.
  • Performance upgrades – Elegant Themes keep investing in the performance of the Divi theme. W hile the older versions of the Divi theme and the Divi builder were somewhat “heavy” in terms of resource usage and how nimble they were to use, the more recent versions use React.js and are much faster to load and to use.

Securing your website

Now that you’ve found inspiration for your website, we highly recommend that you take into account, a second very important aspect of your site, it’s security. WP is a very popular framework, and it attracts all sorts of attention from bad actors who tend to attack and hack installations that have not been secured correctly.

For this reason, we install a security plugin, on EACH of our own sites, to make sure they are protected with little to no effort from our side, we use the excellent iTheme Security.

We’ve reviewed this product and we strongly urge you to have a look at our article here: https://www.beewits.com/ithemes-security/

Wrapping up our roundup of Divi Examples

As we’ve seen from the above list of Divi theme examples, it’s clear that this product from Elegant Themes is a flexible one that can be adapted nicely to suit a huge list of niches, designs, looks, and industries. As you can understand the built-in layouts of the theme help you get started, but it’s then up to you to help take the design of your websites and WordPress to the next level. But for sure, using Divi is a great choice.

As always, if you find specific great Divi theme examples that we might have missed, we’d be happy to add to them to our list! Just leave a comment below (no self-promotion or spam please, it’s a waste of your time and ours) and we’ll add it when we update the article.

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