Free T-shirts!

At BeeWits, we like to do things differently.

We know that getting a subscription to a service is expressing a vote of confidence to we want to return our commitment to you.

Each user who becomes a subscriber to BeeWits will get one of these AWESOME BeeWits t-shirt. Give us your preference and your size and we’ll send it to you by email.

We would love to wear your on a t-shirt and wear it proudly to reciprocate, but alas there are only so many days in a week 😉

Have a look at the T-Shirts below.

To infinity and Beeyond
BeeWits – To infinity and Beeyond


BeeWits – Beeyonce


Beewits – Trabeesium


BeeWits tshirts - Back
BeeWits tshirts – Back


Enter your payment details here – and we’ll get in touch 😉

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