Humans.txt Generator

It’s just one more tool by the BeeWits team, designed to make your life easier. All you need to do is enter the details and your email address and BAM! We’ll generate your humans.txt file and send it over to you, pronto.

Project Description

Humans.txt generator

Let’s not forget: It’s humans behind those machines we use every day. It was humans who built search engines, and it was humans who wrote the codes for robots to follow. The humans.txt file is a tribute to the people who have contributed to the building of a website.

What is humans.txt?

It’s a text file. It’s simple and fast to create, and doesn’t interfere with the code. It’s a simple way to identify the team behind a website project – to humanize the site, thank those involved in building it and give a little more detail about the site’s technology.

Project Details