34 expert tips to supercharge your small business [Infographic]

It’s no secret that freelancing is a booming industry, generating more than 1.1 trillion dollars for the U.S. economy alone in 2016, according to Freelancer’s Union. The internet has played a huge role in shaping the freelancing market: over 65% of freelancers are using internet platforms to find work, and global online freelance earnings reached 3 billion dollars this year. It’s clear the the ‘gig economy’ has become an important part of the American workforce.

Millennials have been a huge driving force in the freelance space, especially in the technology sector. Over 50% of freelance revenue comes from skilled tech jobs with UI/UX design and Web development ranking among the most highly-sought positions. And with almost 9 in 10 millennials reporting their phone never leaves their side, their connection to the global marketplace is instantaneous and constant.

If you’ve been looking at freelancing as a career or simply a way to earn more on the side, check out some advice from the experts before you take the plunge. We’ve compiled a huge list of resources for freelancers packed with essential tips, tricks, and knowledge for freelancing in the modern workforce.

Find some blogs to keep up with industry news and make sure to take note of disruptive changes in social media or news. Focus on developing your skillset and building your brand through your social media presence and web platform. Once you are up and running, make sure you know your value when calculating your hourly rate for clients.

It can seem daunting at first; there’s a lot to learn but the resources are there. If you’re looking to build your own website for the first time take a look at our launch checklist before the big rollout. If social media management is proving difficult, read up on tips from industry leaders like Buffer or HubSpot. But most of all, have confidence! Everyone started out as a beginner at some point; the only way to gain experience is by putting yourself out there.

The team at Invoice2go has put together a graphic offering advice for newcomers to the freelance + SMB space from industry professionals like David. Check it out below!