Starting a BeeWits project is pretty simple. From the Dashboard click on Start a Project.

Start a project

Once you’ve created project – just fill in a few details. The name and the description and mandatory. You don’t need to upload a picture, but as we always say, “A picture speaks a thousands words”, and things are of course more visually appealing.

Once you’ve added the details you can start selecting tasks which you want to complete in this project. To make things easier and faster for you, we’ve pre-defined a number of task templates for various types of web design, creative and copy writing projects.

To tasks, simple click on the Industry: Web Design, Design, Marketing or Blank project (if you don’t want to chose any templates and start from scratch). From then on you can choose such stuff as whether the Web Design project will be created with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or generic. For Design, you can choose whether this is a print or a full design workflow. If it’s a marketing project, you can select whether this a Blogging project or Web Content Copywriting.

Once you’ve selected what you’ll be working with, you can drag and drop which tasks and which stages you’ll be needing. You can customize the names of stages and tasks as appropriate for your own project.

Start a project from task templates

Start a project from task templates

After choosing a few templates, you can customize the names of the stages, change tasks which are within each stage, remove some tasks or do any changes as necessary.

Customize task templates

Customize task templates


Once you’ve setup the initial task templates to your project, you should invite a few team members – because BeeWits is better with friends. We are social animals after all. It would get kinda boring chatting to yourself 😉


Invite Team members to BeeWits project

Invite Team members to BeeWits project

You’re ready to start you project. Click on Let’s do this!

Updating your avatar

At BeeWits, we do like things to be pretty. We’re creatives after all. So rather than a dull, grey, faceless image:

Dull, faceless, avatar which somewhat resembles a man

we set you with one of our fun random BeeWits profile pics:

BeeWits Diplay Picture

And even though we love our display pics so very much, we’d rather you looked more like this, because who doesn’t want a nice set of BeeWits feelers?

BeeWits feelers-Head shot