(Cover your back) with our 17 Essential Web Design Contract Templates

If there is one thing which most freelancers don’t give enough attention to – it’s that pesky web design contract! We do understand your pain – the admin work is boring, takes away from “productive” and billable time and sometimes it seems just like overhead.

Why do you need to cover yourroc ass with a web design contract?

Because, you’ll be kicking yourself, however, when things start to go awry.

It’s only a matter of time when you start hitting those bumps in your project. Clients wanting more than initially agreed, clients not doing their part in the development and design of the new site, problems with payments, and suddenly you’re spending MORE time fixing the problems which a few good contracts would have spared you the hassle of. So to save you from this hassle, we’ve compiled this awesome bundle of all the web design contract templates and sample web design agreements.

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