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BeeWits. Your projects, organized.

BeeWits is a simple, intuitive project management tool for web design freelancers, digital agencies and other creatives.

Rather than getting in the way of your work – BeeWits allows you to do things your way.

How can BeeWits help me?

We are creative

Organize a (web) design project.
In minutes.

New job. New client. New timeline. New doubts? Not on BeeWits! Want to create without headaches? Hand over the boring bits to Beewits. And focus on the work you enjoy.

Always know what to do next

ALWAYS know what’s next.

Don’t let work fall through the cracks. With all your to-dos at a glance, you’ll know exactly what’s been done and what’s left to do. All conversations and assigned tasks will happen in one place, so everything is actionable and transparent.

We deliver

You, your clients, your teams.
All in SYNC.

Awesome web projects need awesome teams – but keeping everyone in the loop can be a headache. BeeWits has re-imagined the web project management scenario, keeping everyone from web designers and developers to agencies and clients in sync.

A social way to work

A social way to work.

You don’t like chasing. Yet tasks need to be followed up. Your team is already used to @tagging each other. Tag them when they’re slacking. And comment where necessary. Project management, simplified.

Take the pain out of planning

Take the pain out of planning.

We are creatives. We don’t like “planning” and “managing”. We enjoy creating. But without planning projects don’t get completed. Clients are not pleased. Bills are not paid. With BeeWits you can manage, whilst the tool will not get in the way.

Evenrything is self-documenting

Everything is self-documenting.

Use task comments to document decisions. That way, six months down the line, you can see exactly what discussions happened around a job. No more chasing for “meeting minutes”. Or digging through emails.


One fixed monthly price.

Whether you need 1 user or 50, your monthly price stays the same.

  • 3GB Storage
  • Up to 30 Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • 20GB Storage
  • Up to 60 Projects
  • Unlimited Users
Marketing Agency
  • 50GB Storage
  • Up to 300 Projects
  • Unlimited Users

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