The primary functionality of BeeWits is that you are able to monitor the tasks related to a project from start to finish. We use the terms tasks and TO DOs interchangeably. Any TO DO which needs to be done is essentially a task.

So, first things first.

Have you ever, after stopping for a moment and sitting at your desk, breathed in a long breath, and asked yourself? “Now – what do I need to do today?” Rushing to endless meetings, phone calls, chats, Facebook and what have you, it’s easy to get distracted.

Worry not – BeeWits has you covered.

The My Buzz view is there to answer exactly that question: “What do I need to do today?” It’s a simple view of all of the tasks which are assigned to you, in the order of which are due first.

BeeWits My buzz - what do I need to do today?

After you’ve created a number of tasks whilst creating the project, you’ll probably need to create plenty more tasks as your project starts and progresses. Adding a task is a very simple task. Simply go to the Stage of the project where you want to add the task, and you’ll find a form where you can quickly create a new task in this Stage.



Add a new BeeWits task

Adding a new task / TODO to a BeeWits stage

Updating a task

Updating tasks is of course very easy. Just click on the name of the task and start changing stuff. Since we really REALLY hate losing task updates, any changes you perform are always and immediately autosaved. That ensures you can just do whatever you need to do – just don’t worry about having to save all the time.

Update a BeeWits task

As you update a BeeWits task, your changes will be automatically saved

Tagging a teammate in a task

You’re probably used to the functionality of social networks where you can tag a friend. Your friend will get notified of your action. We do believe this is can be used beneficially to help project organization, by asking for feedback, or notifying a team member about something, without actually assigning the task to them. So took a page out of social networking functions, and allow teammates to be tagged.

Tag a teammate in a task

Tag one or more teammates in a task to notify them that their input is required

But there’s nothing quite like…

…completing a task. After you’ve slaved away on the work of a task, there’s nothing quite like marking that task as complete. Don’t you get the warm fuzzy feeling inside each time you complete a task? That little boost of satisfaction that you’re making progress.

Just so that we keep you on track with your progress, we’ll also update the Percentage complete widget on the Dashboard.

Completing a BeeWits task

That satisfying feeling of completing a task

What do I need to do today?

This is the question you probably find yourself asking after spending most of the day taking calls, in meetings, answering emails, chatting, Facebooking, or all sorts of other distractions that we meet every single day. Things get so hectic sometimes that you can barely focus to remember what’s next on your task list.

We’ve been there.

And that’s why we’ve developed the My Buzz view. It answers the question, “What do I need to do today” by listing all the tasks which are assigned to you for a specific project. You can access it by clicking on My Buzz in the header menu.

My Buzz - what do I need to do today